Don’t Do This

This might sound crazy…but did you know that you can graduate with a perfect GPA and still have ultimately failed college? It’s true. Mostly it’s true because this a really unique time in life for people. Between the ages of 18-25 there is a BUNCH of important stuff, in addition to grades, that will take place in your life. Stuff like career, relationships, identity, and big questions like, “whats wrong with the world”?! It’s not just that big life things will happen at this time in life…it’s more that they SHOULD happen. There is so much more to your time here at Kent State University than test taking and wearily grinding out one report after another.

So come hear about 10 really important things that just may help you avoid failing college (and life). We will meet on Wednesday (the 19th) at 8pm in KSC 319.



Root & Fruit

Big trees are beautiful. We admire their massive branches reaching up to dizzying heights. This time of year most trees in our area are set ablaze in vibrant leaves of yellow, orange, and red. Less often thought about though is the equally impressive root system below ground. This “tree anchor” is practically a mirror image of what is on display above ground. Big, impressive trees means deep healthy roots. Healthy trees produce good fruit. Healthy trees have healthy roots.

What about your life? Do you have healthy roots? Are your roots deep, and what type of nutrients are they drawing into your life? The stuff that your life is producing (fruit), is it good? Is it lasting? In this Root & Fruit series we will highlight some similarities between us (humans) and the trees. We will learn how Christ desires for us to have both healthy roots and healthy fruit. Come be a part of this discussion/teaching (Wednesdays at 8pm – 3rd floor of Kent Student Center).


Jesus Together

I recently asked Kaylee to write a few paragraphs about her early experience here at Kent State. I thought what she had to say was pretty cool!

“My name is Kaylee Rose Graden, I am a junior at Kent State studying interior design. When I was a freshman, I spent a lot of time alone because I never left my room. It was fine for a while, I logged many hours on Netflix and I had a few friends I would see once in a while. Even Though I had Jesus, after a while, I started feeling pretty depressed. I tried joining different groups throughout campus, but it was hard finding a group that I fit in with and could have healthy lasting relationships. Without fellowship with other Christians it was challenging to keep growing with Jesus.

After having a year like that I decided going into my sophomore year that I wasn’t going to have a repeat of freshman year. I prayed all summer that God would plant me in a good group of people that I belonged in and would help me to grow as a person with Him. That’s when I got plugged into Kent Chi Alpha! And the difference between my freshman and sophomore years were practically night and day. Being surrounded with people who love the Lord and me made for an awesome experience! I went from not really liking school to loving it, and now I’m looking forward to the next 2 years. I pray you follow God to wherever he is calling you so you don’t have to go through the freshman year I went through. Find your niche with people who love Jesus, and have a great time! Welcome to Kent State!”

SUMMER SESH July Edit copy

Summer Sesh

Stuck in Kent this summer? That’s awesome! There are a bunch of other people here too. In fact we get together every Thursday afternoon and evening. Each week we play sand volleyball at 4pm (near Beall Hall), and then later go to dinner in downtown Kent. Don’t be bored! Come hang with us :)

A New Semester Begins…

Wow. Where did Winter Break go to, right?! I hope that you have been refreshed and are ready for all that God has in store for your life this semester. I want to encourage you to grow in Jesus like you never have before! Let’s love the way Jesus did, and let people around us know how awesome life with Him really is.

This first week back we have two great nights planned. One is the first XA Live of the semester, on Wednesday at 8pm (XA Pray at 7). Come worship God with us in a bunch of different ways. We also will be considering some truth from God’s Word. The second night is our GameNight, on Friday. It’s pretty simple. We play lots of different games from 7p to midnight in KSC 319. It’s a great time if you enjoy having fun and being able to remember what you did last night.

Our passion is to make disciples who love to share Christ. If you haven’t been to Kent XA before, or it’s been a while, we hope that you will come hang with us sometime! Our weekly gatherings are open to everyone.