Servant Teams

In order to best accomplish the full ministry of Chi Alpha, we are incorporating Servant Teams. Each Team will be led by a staff member but each leader is asked to serve on 1 or more teams (depending on workload of the team). Each team will not have the same amount or responsibility but each team is essential.
Please pick your top 2 teams and we will do our best to place people in their gifting and preferences. Good explanations help when placing the right student on the right team.

Read about the roles of the teams below:


  1. Assist in planning corporate prayer and or worship nights.
  2. Assist in planning and promoting missions trips.
  3. Assist in correspondence with missionaries we support and special Thursday services.
  4. Promote and attend (if possible) All Nations Conference.
  5. Find a way to serve the International Office/ TESOL.
  6. Infuse XAi elements into our worship, service, outreach, etc.
  7. Plan and serve at different outreaches to the campus.
  8. Plan and serve at tabling events on campus.



  1. Plans through weekend and after service events
  2. Is at most weekend events and available to set-up and tear-down/ host as needed.
  3. Looks through university calendar and finds events that we can attend.



  1. Count the weekly tithe collected on Thursday and fill out the $Sheet and give to Nicole.
  2. Keep record of Venmo giving, Generush giving, and cash and check giving.
  3. Helps maintain the XA library.
  4. Actively looks for fundraising opportunities.



  1. Sends out weekly Mailchimp email to email-list.
  2. Posts daily social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Creates graphics for sermon series and special events.
  4. Posts fliers around campus multiple times a year.
  5. Makes slides for Thursday Worship



  1. Weekly prayer meeting on campus
  2. Planning outreaches like halloween, fake pattys, etc.
  3. Moovers and Groovers coordinating
  4. Tabling on campus


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