Jesus Wept

  Growing up I attended a private, Christian, school that had been started by the church my family attended. It was a lot like most other schools I guess, except for it being really small and we literally had things like “Bible Class” as part of our curriculum (Pro-tip: if you ever take a bible … More Jesus Wept

Default Mode

A few days ago I was making a typical Walmart run. In the ten-ish minute drive from my house to the store I used some of the time to pray through a few things on my heart. Passing by campus I found myself asking God to use me to help show people the ways and … More Default Mode

Howdy Ho!

Hey Friends, I’m so glad that you are interested in what’s happening at Kent Chi Alpha! I believe that this is going to be a significant year for us, and unlike any that we have had before. We are praying for healthy growth in all kinds of crazy ways. Jesus has some great things planned … More Howdy Ho!

The ANTIsumers

Did you grow up in the United States? If so, then you are probably a habitual consumer. Consuming isn’t necessarily a bad thing (gotta eat to live), but the way that most of us Mericans do it needs some calling out. We consume constantly. We think we need stuff, deserve stuff, and want stuff (the … More The ANTIsumers

Friend Ships

I love being on boats. My experience has been that anytime I’m on a boat I’m doing something awesome. I’m either water skiing, fishing, soon-to-be swimming, or eating massive amounts of smoked salmon and capers at the morning buffet. And doing each of those things is one hundred thousand times better when doing them with … More Friend Ships