Kent State Chi Alpha




Kent Chi Alpha is community of college students from many different backgrounds committed to growing in our love of God and others. We love each other with a different kind of love: a love that stems from God’s love in us, causing us to treat each other like family.

what we do

Core Groups

Every week we have young men and women’s groups who meet to study the Bible, create friendships, challenge each other, and support each other!


We meet every Thursday during the school year to hear about God’s word! More info on location and time to come.

Weekend Hangouts

We have fun events planned every weekend, all are welcome! Bring friends!

who we are

our roots

At Chi Alpha, our roots are established in the ways and the truths of God. We ground ourselves in who God is, and what He’s done, which we find in the The Bible.

our trunk

At the core of Chi Alpha is community. We believe the Gospel is best experienced in community with others. You do not have to be a Christian to be a part of the Chi Alpha community. We are a diverse community, made up of people from different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences, with the common goal of reflecting the beauty of God through being unified in diversity.

our branches

As a community, we have a common goal of branching out to reach our campus, nation, and world the love and truth of Jesus.

our leaves

At Chi Alpha we love to have fun! As a community we regularly offer a variety of events that are open for all to join.

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