q&a – Tony Hanna

Here at Kent Chi Alpha we are super excited to welcome our newest staff member Tony Hanna! If you haven’t had a chance to meet Tony yet, make sure to drop by on a Wednesday night at XA Live to say whats up. In the meantime, here is a quick q&a session with him.

Chillin with Friends
Jesse: Have you lived anywhere interesting?
Tony: Seoul, Korea and Kokomo, that’s where I want to go…
Jesse: You are a high school teacher in Ravenna. Are you a fun teacher or really strict?
Tony: Both – you can’t be the former without the latter…if you want to be any good.
Jesse: You seem like a pretty competitive guy, whats one game/sport that you love to dominate in?
Tony: Basketball…after all I grew up in Indiana. But I am actually better at volleyball and tennis.
Jesse: What’s your take on Miley Cyrus recent performance at VMA?
Tony: I did not see it but since it is my mouth and I’ll say what I want to…it stunk like hot elephant poop.
Jesse: I have noticed recently that you have a few apps on your iPhone that you seem to be  addicted to. What are they, and do you me to get you some help in breaking free of their power in your life?
Tony: Candy Crush…Defender II…Hay Day…Fort Conquer…Lair Defense…Minion Rush and no, I do not have a problem (if there are typos its cuz I’m farming and killing monsters on my iPhone).
Jesse: Whats something that everyone knows about you? How about something that not many people know?
Tony: I’m witty and dashing…duh. No, its that I’m competitive.
About that bed-wetting…jk…maybe.
Jesse: What is a good Jesus-story from your life?
Tony: I was adopted after swimming over from Korea (aided only by sea turtles and dolphins) and I have never known my biological parents. This was a struggle for me for much of my life but God has really brought healing and closure in this area.
Jesse: Pepsi or Coke?
Tony: Coke…only the less intelligent choose Pepsi.
Jesse: How about a “Would you rather…”? Pick one. Living the rest of you life with only 3 fingers (you choose). OR Living life with zero toes? Which one?
Tony: Is this three fingers on each hand or total?
Jesse: Well, probably only 3 total. (note: you will have to see Tony in person for this answer…)
Jesse: Whats the best type of vacation spot? Beach? Camping? Other?
Tony: Historical nature sites (Machu Picchu, Iguazo Falls, etc).
  boxed Tony
Again, we are so glad to have Tony hanging out with us. Make sure to say hey the next time you see him!

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One thought on “q&a – Tony Hanna

  1. I have a few questions for tony. Answers to these question are important to my acceptance;)
    If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?
    Do you prefer paper or plastic when grocery shopping?
    Do you use medical practice for every physical problem, or are you a man and try to endure through pain?
    Whats your favorite color?
    What is the meaning of life? In one sentence? GO!
    Whats your favorite TV program?
    Why do I always forget something as soon as i get comfortable on the couch?
    Why can i never get comfortable like i was when i first sat on the couch, after getting what i forgot?
    Why are items found when they are not needed, but cannot be found when they are needed?
    Is there another dimension/world of little people living under my bed? If not what is that noise that comes from under my bed?
    Is it a little weird that kids in america are told that an old man sees them when they are sleeping, and knows when there are awake? and if this statement is true should this guy be put in jail for stalking?
    How credible is a Nutritionist that weights 300 pounds and eats heart attacks for breakfast?
    OK enough of the easy Question Now for the Hard ones!!!!!!!!!
    If your competitive do you think you can beat a non-competitive person in anything? Lets say basketball?
    Could you beat me?
    Do you even know what your up against if you do face me?
    Would you cry if/when i beat you?
    Can you take the pain/ next weekend 8pm???????? My court or yours?
    LOL Just playin bro im glad your with us, cant wait for more times to chill and get to know you and im glad your part of the team! Cant wait to see what God has in store!

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