xaDNA Groups

Discipleship. It’s what Jesus was talking about at the end of Matthew 28. When someone repents, believes, and is baptized they are growing as disciples. They are engaged in discipleship. The Disciples, the 12 with Jesus, were being discipled by Jesus. They learned how to do life from him by doing life with him. He was teaching them what it meant to be a follower.

Early on in my life the way that I was discipled was by the Church. I attended a service, I read a book, and just sort of figured it out on my own. The growth was slow, and I unknowingly developed a lot of misunderstandings about God. Something changed when I went to college though. I started to be discipled by people, by my peers. This was not intentional, it just sort of happened. As I was doing life alongside other Christ followers I started to learn some of their good habits firsthand. I was growing, I was open about my struggles, I was actually reading scripture (willingly), I was being discipled.

xaDNA groups are all about discipleship. Peer discipleship. If you are a follower of Jesus and are committed to letting the Holy Spirit lead and change you…then you need to be in one of these groups! Each member of these 3-4 person groups is committed to growing together in Jesus and with each other. We are going to be launching these next week at XA (come on Thursday night to hear all of the details). If you are wanting to grow in Jesus, and you want discipleship to be more than going through curriculum or attending a small group then you need to try xaDNA groups.

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