How To Have The Best College Experience

When I stepped foot on Kent State’s campus as a freshman Nursing major in 2012 I didn’t have much figured out about my life. I went to Kent because I followed my friends here, and I thought I wanted to be a nurse because I loved how the profession gets to serve people constantly. The only other thing on my mind was having a good time and experiencing all Kent State had to offer.

I did a lot in my time at Kent as a student. I was on the Kent State Cheerleading team, played intramural softball and volleyball, joined the club gymnastics team, joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, went to a few FCA Bible studies, and got involved in Chi Alpha. I was constantly busy- on the search for a feeling of purpose and belonging.

It took me a while to realize I derived a lot of my identity in what I did. When I wasn’t “up to something” I felt worthless. I felt the need to constantly be busy in order to feel like I had a purpose. But then something changed for me.

I started pursuing a real relationship with God. Not just punching my “time card” on Sunday mornings or checking off the “Bible Study” box- but I asked God to fill every-part of my life. It was wild. Slowly the Lord showed me that I didn’t have to have every time slot filled in order to be somebody. I was already worth more than I could ever imagine because I belonged to Him. Talk about a spiritual punch in the gut- my life was rocked!

I encourage you- get involved with campus organizations and attend a lot of events. College is a great place to explore interests and hobbies! Just remember that your involvement doesn’t equal your worth or identity. Jesus defines that for you- he has said that you are priceless and worth everything- and he even proved it to us on the cross.

You are invited to join us in Chi Alpha- we’re a community that feels like a family- on an authentic pursuit of knowing, loving, and following Jesus. Regardless of your starting point, or where you are right now in your journey with God, you are welcome here! I know for me and many other students our involvement with Chi Alpha changed the trajectory of our college career and life in the best way possible.

Join us this Thursday night in room 104 of the CAED/Architecture building (the super cool and modern building by Starbucks). We want you to have the best college experience you can have and we know that starts with a pursuit of Jesus! See you soon.



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