Root & Fruit

Big trees are beautiful. We admire their massive branches reaching up to dizzying heights. This time of year most trees in our area are set ablaze in vibrant leaves of yellow, orange, and red. Less often thought about though is the equally impressive root system below ground. This “tree anchor” is practically a mirror image of what is on display above ground. Big, impressive trees means deep healthy roots. Healthy trees produce good fruit. Healthy trees have healthy roots.

What about your life? Do you have healthy roots? Are your roots deep, and what type of nutrients are they drawing into your life? The stuff that your life is producing (fruit), is it good? Is it lasting? In this Root & Fruit series we will highlight some similarities between us (humans) and the trees. We will learn how Christ desires for us to have both healthy roots and healthy fruit. Come be a part of this discussion/teaching (Wednesdays at 8pm – 3rd floor of Kent Student Center).

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I'm here because of Jesus.

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