Don’t Do This

This might sound crazy…but did you know that you can graduate with a perfect GPA and still have ultimately failed college? It’s true. Mostly it’s true because this a really unique time in life for people. Between the ages of 18-25 there is a BUNCH of important stuff, in addition to grades, that will take place in your life. Stuff like career, relationships, identity, and big questions like, “whats wrong with the world”?! It’s not just that big life things will happen at this time in life…it’s more that they SHOULD happen. There is so much more to your time here at Kent State University than test taking and wearily grinding out one report after another.

So come hear about 10 really important things that just may help you avoid failing college (and life). We will meet on Wednesday (the 19th) at 8pm in KSC 319.


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I'm here because of Jesus.

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