Epic Spring Break

By now most of us are running high off of those magical emotions that seem only to come during spring break. Maybe it’s something in the air, or the people we are with, possibly it’s the freshness of being in a new place. Whatever it is…it seems that the world is full of hope and no amount of responsibility will daunt this weeks epicness.

But possibly this week is something quite different for you. It could be the very opposite of hope and excitement for the future. Instead the people you are with just have way too much drama, and the place you are staying isn’t really exciting…and come to think of it, the air stinks too! So much for epic.

Wherever your spring break is on the scale of “epicness” right now I want you to know that it can be full of hope and excitement (and it’s the good kind too). Simply do this. Spend some time with Jesus. Whatever your location, whether you are feeling great right now or not. Take some time today to hear from Jesus and talk to Jesus. You will be rewarded with some refreshing hope, insight, and epicness that you just won’t get any other way.

Wondering where to start? Try reading some of these: Psalm 23, 34, 105, Colossians 3, Revelation 21, 22

Published by jesselcook

I'm here because of Jesus.

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