From Death Springs Life!

In his book “Miracles”, C.S. Lewis talks about an interesting relationship found in nature where life springs forth from death. Things die, and in their death life is made possible. I can quickly think of some examples. Consider how through death soil is fertilized, or how fruit gives way to seed, and how scorched forests make space for healthy young saplings.

This week in Kent has been a great reminder of that nature-truth as I walk around in the beauty of new life on campus. I have been noticing lots of plants as they begin their slow climb up through the autumn graves of their predecessors. I think about how life really does spring forth from death.

Lewis goes on to tell us that we should not be surprised at all of this. We should not think it strange because creation is simply reflecting what it has first seen in it’s creator Jesus Christ. You see from his death on the cross, burial in a tomb, and powerful  resurrection…life has truly come! Because Jesus died, and then beat death, we all have the opportunity to get right with God and truly live. Shame, guilt, painful addictions, unbearable emptiness all find their life filled counterparts through Jesus Christ. In him is freedom, joy, righteousness, and so much more! In him and through him is life.

Spend some time this week thinking about what it cost for this beautiful new life to thrive around us. Then spend some time this week observing this truth in Jesus. You can get started by reading Isaiah 53, Romans 5, and 2 Corinthians 5.

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I'm here because of Jesus.

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