Best Summer Ever

You have made it to the last week of classes before finals. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Soon the weight of due dates and the monotony of class will give way to the bright freedom of summer. What unrealized joys will make themselves known as summer slowly unfolds its fresh experiences to us!?

Don’t be bored in Kent this year. There is more to do than work, go online, watch tv, and sleep. Make XA a part of your summer. We want to make life fun and we want to do life together. So starting May 22nd we are going to be hanging out each Friday night (starting around 6pm). The location will vary but food and good times will always be there. These Friday nights are just the start to a great summer with your XA family 🙂 If you are in town this summer…lets get together!

Published by jesselcook

I'm here because of Jesus.

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