Gods Calling, Are You Listening?

This morning I was reading through the first couple of chapters of Revelation. It’s here that Jesus is giving a very specific message to seven different churches. He both commends and condemns them in different ways. This is some really interesting stuff to read!

While reading I was reminded about something that God does, something that he is always doing. God is always speaking. He speaks not just in general terms (like “do good stuff today”), but he speaks into the really specific situations in our lives. When I say he “speaks” I don’t mean in an audible way (though we see him do that a handful of times in the Bible, Moses, Jesus, Paul). Rather he mostly speaks to us through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our foundation for this is the Bible (written words he already spoke to his people – 2 Peter 1:21). As we read, the Holy Spirit illuminates truth to us about our life and the myriad of situations we find ourselves in. As we think through and pray to Jesus about those situations we begin to get a strong sense of what God is saying to us. The Holy Spirit is leading us as we “listen” to what God is calling us to do.

Something that I love is that God is calling all of us to do something specific. This is true for the short term goals of each day, and for the long term life-goals that we pursue. It really comes down to our action of listening and then doing. It takes time to listen to what God is calling us to do. We will have make listening to him a priority, we will need to give him space to speak into our lives. God is calling each of us to do something, will we take the time to listen and act?

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I'm here because of Jesus.

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