Fall Prep

My wife and I are super excited for this fall semester! There are lots of reasons. Most call us weird for this…but we love it when the town gets overrun with 30,000+ students. As campus pastors we love students and want them all to experience life with Jesus in lots of fresh and authentic ways. We are also excited because our son, Silas James, is about to be born! Silas is already a cool dude and we can’t wait to meet him!

Lots of students, another baby. These are great things that make our hearts happy. We realize that to make this fall the best that it can possibly be…we need to prepare. We need to prepare for all the new and returning students. So we pray for God to be at work in their (your) life and ours. Another thing we do is make plans. Plans to help people experience the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. He changes us from the inside out! With Silas we are busy getting his room ready. Lots of painting, putting stuff together, painting, and a little bit of painting. Besides painting we are buying lots of diapers (hoarding them like preppers).

What about you? How are you getting ready for this fall? Let me suggest some great things that you can do right now as the end of August will be here soon.

Pray – #PRAYtheESPLANADE is a new focus of ours this year. Just talk to Jesus whenever you walk the Esplanade to participate. You can prepare for this by getting used to talking to Jesus right now throughout your day about all kinds of stuff.

Read – I shouldn’t have to convince you of the benefits of reading, so I won’t. Small is Big, and Slow is Fast is a book I hope all of us will read this coming semester (because you actually want to). All you Type A’s can get a head start before classes start up.

Devote – Spend time figuring out what Jesus wants you to do…then do that stuff. Dig deep though, don’t just settle with the surface stuff. Let the Holy Spirit put his finger on the stuff you don’t want to change, the stuff that’s not easy. Then commit to changing no matter the cost or how painful it may be. Surgery is not fun, but it helps us be healthy.

There is so much more to life than these three things! So don’t limit your fall prep in these ways, but by all means make sure you do something to get ready for a great school year. Love you all, lets hang out soon!

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