CASBY 2016

Over the years our annual CASBY (care about someone besides yourself) trips have become some of the most memorable things we do in Chi Alpha. They are great opportunities for us to help serve, learn, and grow in a variety of ways. They often help expand our capacity for understanding what it means to follow Jesus. This spring break we are heading to Summit County, Colorado to serve with Elements Church!

It’s going to be a great time working with pastors Leila and Eric Ojala this trip! To get a better idea of what this experience might be like, check out how they describe their church planting efforts.

This isn’t your typical movie theater and hipster worship leader kind of plant.  This is a raw, real life, if God doesn’t move then we can’t fake our way out, church plant. Bottom line: people hate Christians here. We can’t redefine church; we have to redefine Christianity.  Our goal is to plant a church that plants churches. To make disciples that make disciples. To change the world.  What are you waiting for?

Sounds pretty similar to what we hope to see happening here at Kent State right?!

Eric also recently shared with me that while there we will be focusing our time in these 4 areas:

Learning: We know how to reach people who won’t come to our service. We want to teach you how to live out the Great Commission in real life…for the rest of your life.

Serving: From the dorm-like resort employee housing to local businesses whose owners hate Christians, we will show Christ to the people of Summit County with action and deeds. You will have the opportunity touch the nations as thousands of young adults from all over the world come to work on the ski resorts.  Many of these international students have never heard the Gospel.

Praying: This is one of the darkest places you will ever visit. We need prayer to break through the walls of opposition and see Christ’s light shine through.

Playing: Did I mention awe-inspiring mountains and 4 internationally-known ski resorts? There is a lot to do here for fun, and it is most likely the most beautiful place you will ever be.

So will you pray about being a part of this trip? We are looking to finalize our roster by the end of next week (Black Friday). To join the team simply  turn in the application, and a $25 deposit (make checks to Chi Alpha). The total cost for everything is $850. We will help train you on how to raise funds to go on this trip.

Don’t let finances be the thing that determines wether you go or not. Ask Jesus what you should do. If he tells you to go, he will provide a way!

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