Friend Ships

I love being on boats. My experience has been that anytime I’m on a boat I’m doing something awesome. I’m either water skiing, fishing, soon-to-be swimming, or eating massive amounts of smoked salmon and capers at the morning buffet. And doing each of those things is one hundred thousand times better when doing them with friends!

I have been working as a campus pastor (through Chi Alpha) here at Kent State for about seven years now, and something that keeps frustrating me is the lack of quality friendships here. People have loads of acquaintances but rarely do they have deeply committed, and healthy, friendships. All too often I see people manipulating each other, double crossing each other, mocking, belittling, lying, and just plain sucking as “friends”.  So many times I have seen how when conflict eventually comes up (as happens in all meaningful relationships), that friendships here get broken and the now ex-friends go looking for new ones. Any of this sound familiar to you?

We as Chi Alpha must be different. Jesus showed us what it takes to live life with healthy friendships. As a people following Jesus, we can (must) show this campus what real friendship looks like. This will mean that some of us need to get bigger boats, because right now you don’t have enough friends. Some of us will need to venture into some rough waters because too many of your friends not much different from you. We must not always do the safe and easy thing. Some of us need to switch our way of living from “cruise ship” gluttony to “battle ship” action. Lets get on mission for Jesus! Others need to fix your boats, they are sinking instead of floating. Stop messing around and get your crap together with Jesus!

So who is on your ship right now? Who else needs to be? What should you guys be doing? Each week we are going to continue teaching what answers the bible (God) has for these questions, and more. Refuse to do this life alone. That’s not how God made us to live. Get your ship together. Point it towards Jesus. Make sure it’s filled with a bunch of people!

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I'm here because of Jesus.

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