We’re Not Perfect (but we know someone who is)

I used to live my life in pursuit of spiritual perfection. It was by the diligent duty of “Christian stuff” that I knew I would ensure God’s acceptance of me. Subconsciously I made a checklist of stuff that I needed to do (prayer, bible reading, fasting, going to church, not swearing, not lusting, not doing drugs or murdering anyone,Continue reading “We’re Not Perfect (but we know someone who is)”

Gods Calling, Are You Listening?

This morning I was reading through the first couple of chapters of Revelation. It’s here that Jesus is giving a very specific message to seven different churches. He both commends and condemns them in different ways. This is some really interesting stuff to read! While reading I was reminded about something that God does, somethingContinue reading “Gods Calling, Are You Listening?”

From Death Springs Life!

In his book “Miracles”, C.S. Lewis talks about an interesting relationship found in nature where life springs forth from death. Things die, and in their death life is made possible. I can quickly think of some examples. Consider how through death soil is fertilized, or how fruit gives way to seed, and how scorched forests make space forContinue reading “From Death Springs Life!”